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Flower Surprise

Flower Surprise

This Flower Doodle Surprise was a very spontaneous painting using the colors I love as I added layers of flowers to the canvas. It is a bright, cheerful, eye catching original work of art that will brighten and bring to life where ever you decide to put this painting.  If you are interested please let me know. Giving my personal attention to you would be my pleasure with any of your questions.

Painting: Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Subject: Abstract Flowers, Style: Abstract Flowers, Modern, Contemporary, Fine Art,  Medium: Acrylic Paint, Gloss Varnish, Materials: Stretched High Quality Canvas.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE



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This 11″X 14″ Flower surprise is a painting bursting with colors.

I started with pink flowers and then started to layer the flowers until this bright Flower Surprise painting appeared.

Working and waiting for the acrylic paint to dry between layers of this  abstract flower painting was exciting as the layering began.  Choosing the colors was a wonderful experience since all the colors were spontaneously chosen. Building the layers took much thought. Having the sense that I was painting the last layer of this original became for me a Flower Surprise!

It may be a small piece but it certainly will brighten any place you decide to place this original work of art.