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“Hidden Beauty”


This red hibiscus was hidden under a fence and bloomed for weeks. I was so inspired to capture this “Hidden Beauty” and create the original pastel painting. Using the technology of the digital process and choosing a High Quality Canvas I lightly hand painted the art with oil paint to give the art more punch of color. Then I sprayed the art with an Archival gloss spray that will protect the art against UV rays. The color and realism of this flower is a treat to view. The frame is a muted grey, brown with a white linen liner. This work of art measures 15 ½” X 23 ½”. This is a one of a kind piece with this frame that comes with it’s own Certificate of Authenticity.  There is always a story behind each painting if you would like more information contact me directly.

Painting: Oil Paint, Archival Inks on Acid-Free Canvas, Digital, Subject: Red Hibiscus, Style: Contemporary, Modern, Fine Art, Medium: Oil Paint, Archival Inks, Canvas, Shiny Acid Free, Gel Satin Finish Materials: Muted Grey Brown Marbled Wooden Frame with a white linen liner.

Made in the USA by Artist, L.A. CLINE

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“Hidden Beauty” captures this Hibiscus shielded by the harsh sun at full bloom with its penetrating Red color.

Blooming under a fence this flower stayed brilliantly red for weeks on hand. It had the right amount of sunlight and shade. Rich in color and situated in the right place gave the perfect opportunity to create the original pastel painting and this “Hidden Beauty”.

This “Hidden Beauty” image is surrounded with a white linen liner, framed in a marbled brown gold wooden frame. After scanning the original and using the digital process with shiny inks, I applied areas of oil paint to the new canvas image of the Hibiscus and the surrounded leaves to capture the brightness of the flower and leaves. This 15 1/2″X 23 1/2″ art now has it’s own beautiful unique look.  There are more different renditions of “Hidden Beauty” in my collection with different frames so you can choose your favorite.

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