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Street Singer – Famous Pastel Painting

This original 32″ X 41″ award-winning framed pastel painting was created after a trip to England. It is a part of my personal collection and is here to view on-line for all you entertainers that are thinking of a portrait.

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In the heart of London there is a place called Covent Gardens, where onlookers gather to see sing, play instruments, and draw portraits. In spite of the dismal surrounding this young street singer she threw down her bags, set up her music and used a boom box as her background orchestra and started to sing.

The minute she started to sing her voice carried through the whole two stories of Covent Gardens filled with stores and galleries that whisked you away to another land.  Everyone just stopped shopping and eating and just listened as she sang her heart out.

This painting signifies the hope of every artist to take an opportunity to show his/her talent to the world.

L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.