I  have always been drawn to the softness, the texture and the colors of Pastel which I have worked with for the past forty years.  My paintings are expressions of love for the medium, and it is out of the sense of dedication and undying passion that I continue to paint to bring the natural beauty of this world up close and personal. Here I am in my studio just finishing, “Romancing the Rose”.


Pastel Painting by L.A. CLINE



I have developed my skill of creating Pastel Art with the simple desire to practice and capture the essence of the moment in fine detail. Touching the heart strings of my clients through paintings of  COMMISSIONED PAINTINGS such as CORPORATE, FAMILY PORTRAITS and PET PORTRAITS has been very rewarding. I also have painted an array of SPORTS PAINTINGS each revealing a very exciting back story. For 15 years I have been painting FLOWERS and WILDLIFE PAINTINGS which I call my Nature Series of Pastel Paintings.



My mission is to create Pastel Art for you that brings love, comfort and happiness to your life. The Gallery Page explores the categories of my Art then check out “Art For Sale” to see the specials including Free US Shipping along with the beautiful Giclee Flower Fine Art.


Pet Portraits by L.A. CLINE