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    “Lucky Leprechaun” Re-creation


    This 11″ X 14″ Fine Art Paper Re-creation of the Original Pastel Painting entitled, “Lucky Leprechaun” is truly a fun piece of art at a special price for Leprechaun lovers. I embellished this piece by hand with pastels and spray the print with a non yellowing acid-free spray with UV protection.  This Leprechaun is surrounded by clovers coming out from the forest.  They are not usually seen by humans but here you have a glimpse. Throw a kiss for luck and look for the four leaf clover. If you need any other information about this piece contact me.

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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    “Tony Bennett Portrait” – Entertainment Portrait


    This 29 1/2″ X 29 1/2″ Framed Original Pastel Painting of the beloved entertainer Tony Bennett is a wonderful nostalgic painting even for the young singers today. I just recently saw him in person and still what a show! This painting uses many pastel pigments of grey tones and I love the shine on the microphone and his suspender clips. This is a young Tony Bennett portrait yet you can still see that great face and imagine his great voice. I start with a white heavy acid-free paper and work with many layers of pastel pigment to achieve Mr. Bennett’s look and different textures within this piece. This young Tony Bennett portriat is inspiring for all and the grey tones give this beautiful art a very nostalgic feel. For any questions concerning this painting please contact me directly.

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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