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    “The Honorable Judge” – Corporate Painting

    30″ X 40″ Framed Pastel Painting.

    In 1999 a newly constructed Courthouse in Miami, the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse, commissioned me to create two Pastel Portrait Paintings for its lobby. This was the first one “The Honorable Judge” who was a Family Court Judge I really enjoyed working with. The Judge and his wife worked with me to create the pencil sketch to scale before I started to paint. I borrowed his robe to create this painting with his official clothing. We discussed exactly what book he would like to hold and I completely painted the background separately choosing the flags from Nova University Law School and the books from the Ruden, McCloskey, Smith, Schuster & Russel Law Library. This is a large painting. We all met a few times to critique the painting before the final framing. If you are interested in a portrait of this nature please contact me so we can discuss your ideas with a consultation at no charge and take a look at the details page for more information about commissioned paintings. Use my site to the fullest and check out the galleries at your leisure.
    L.A. CLINE