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    “Childhood Memories” Family Portrait Painting

    “Childhood “Memories” Family Portrait Painting was a commissioned painting. The boy in the yellow shirt studio at a 35 year old man wanted a commission painting in color of a 30 year old, torn, water damaged, sepia tone photograph.

    In the original photograph the boy in the yellow shirt his legs were outstretched far out to the right that presented a very asymmetrical pose. He wanted to adjust his legs and feet to a natural childlike position that would add symmetry to the painting.

    Since the portrait painting was so faded I asked my client to send family pictures and instead of using pastel sepia tones a muted color scheme was developed to bring my client’s childhood memory to life.

    This pastel painting “Childhood Memories” Family Portrait Painting portrays the carefree days of brothers playing within the beautiful landscape of the Grand Cayman Islands.

    26″ X 30″

    L.A. CLINE, Mater Pastel Artist

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    “In Memory Of” Family Memorial Portrait Painting

    This commissioned “In Memory Of” Family Memorial Portrait Painting was a very emotional portrait to create yet the parents wanted there son to be in their lives every day for them to see.

    This Memorial Portrait Painting captured a very handsome man of 27 who passed to early in life. His Father commissioned this pastel painting. There were many critiques with his Father for he knew his sons face very well and had precise instructions.

    His Father restricted the colors to black, grey and white only. There were baby pictures to work from, a few high school pictures and a high school 1″X1″ picture wearing a white T-shirt. These were all the images to create from. When this “In Memory of” Family Memorial Portrait Painting was finished it was the time we took together that his Father’s deep concentration put into the painting that in the end the whole family was very emotionally happy with the results

    The family needed to see their beautiful son every day.  The painting was a beautiful memory so this young man’s spirit would carry on.

    16″ X 20″

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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    “Mother and Daughters” Family Portrait Painting

    This “Mother and Daughter’s” Family Portrait Painting of this beautiful family was an Anniversary Gift for her husband. This pastel painting is an intimate portrait of a family. The Mom wanted everyone in white. The older girl at the time had braces and it was a unanimous decision to remove them for the portrait. The report was that her husband had tears in his eyes when see saw his beautiful family.

    35″ X 40″

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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    “The Family Portrait”

    “The Family Portrait” pastel painting is one of the most beautiful portraits to have.  Capturing a time that you can look back at and smile about is what life is all about.

    Their little boy was very active running and playing all the time.  It was adorable and hard to sketch or keep him still with his parents.  Obviously we worked that out by giving him that baseball glove that he loved, Dad was able to hold him for “The Family Portrait”.

    I had to do a separate session with the parents to finish the details such as the jewelry and clothing since the most important detail was to have their son looking as cute as is truly was.  This family wanted a casual portrait with their son and Dad wearing jeans.

    41″ X 46″

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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    “Two Beautiful Ballerinas” Family Portrait Painting

    Two Beautiful Ballerinas” Family Pastel Portrait Painting is a stunning work of art that captures the poses of two young sisters who love to dance and play. The artist met with the girls several times to get to know their personalities and preferences, which made the painting a true representation of who they are. The artist made sure to measure the girls’ heights and proportions carefully to create a realistic portrayal of their poses, which were drawn and sketched beforehand after taking their measurements. The older sister’s favorite pink chiffon hair piece was also incorporated into creating the painting and was the idea for creating the costumes for the painting, as the mother loved the colors pink and lavender.

    The portrait was created as per the mother’s request to hang over the stone fireplace in her formal living room, and it became the focal point of the entire room. The painting is an impressive 40″X60″ and was created with a vertical composition to complement the high ceilings of the room, which were approximately 13 feet high. The mother’s desire for a pastel portrait painting of her beautiful daughters was achieved with this remarkable piece of artwork.

    Working with the two sisters was a lot of fun for the L.A. CLINE, and their energy and love for dance made the process enjoyable. The attention to detail in the portrait makes it a true representation of the girls and their love for ballet, which is evident in the way they strike their poses. The end result is a stunning piece of artwork that perfectly captures the essence of these two beautiful ballerinas.

    40″ X 60″

    Original Painting: Two Beautiful Ballerinas, Family Portrait Painting, Style: Realism, Dance, Two Sisters, Medium: Pastel Painting, Materials: Heavy Cotton Acid Free Paper Mounted on Acid Free Foam Core, Spacers, Double Antique Frame, Museum Glass with UV protection and preservation.

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist

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    “Two Brothers in Their Florida Panther Jerseys” Family Portrait Painting

    This is a Commissioned Pastel Painting entitled, “Two Brothers in their Florida Panther Jerseys” Family Portrait Painting created because of the families love for hockey.  We all had a great time because the children were so easy to work with and the parents were so excited to create their children’s pastel portrait painting. Before the painting was started there was a pencil sketch to scale created that reflected all the details. This is the finished pastel painting.

    41″ X 43″

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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    “Two Sisters” Family Portrait Painting

    This Commissioned Framed Pastel Painting, “Two Sisters” was a joy to create. Their Mother wanted to emphasize the carefree days of their childhood in tea shirts with the natural scenery in the background. The background was completely imaginary. We used an orange rubber ball from their pool to make the portrait more playful.

    28″ X 32″

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.

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    “Two Young Men” Family Portrait Painting

    This Commissioned “Two Young Men” Family Portrait Painting of Mr. Goorland’s two sons 16 and 21 was a piece of art he truly cherished. Before starting the pastel painting a pencil sketch to scale was drawn for approval.  Mr. Goorland loved the sketch of his two son’s and we had many critiques as his pastel portrait was created. He also commissioned a second portrait painting of his sister’s two son’s.

    30″ X 37″

    L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist.