Commission Painting Details

Custom Pastel Paintings
I love creating Original Pastel Art Paintings. If you are considering the wonderful process of commissioning your own personal painting here are some of the details to consider.

Before I start any painting we have our personal conversations about your thoughts of what your subject matter will be along with other desires you have for your painting. Then I start creating a detailed pencil sketch to scale of your ideas. This sketch really shows all the details and size of your painting then we can critique and make any changes if necessary. I pride myself in the pencil sketch to scale for this sketch is the blueprint for your commissioned painting.

The technique that I use to build the layers of pastel pigment and detail for each painting are accomplished by painting in the morning hours, afternoon, evening hours, on sunny and cloudy days so that the lighting is virtually built into the painting. The painting will look great in many different lighting situations so no direct overhead lighting will be necessary. The time I need to create for smaller paintings is three months and up to six months or more for larger paintings.

Other Details
Custom Commissioned paintings begin with a personal consultation where we talk about your ideas which may be a few conversations. In order to give you a solid quote for your Original Pastel Painting other details must be precisely discussed such as; the size, subject matter, colors and the concept of your painting, where the painting will hang, pictures, personal items and usually two sessions together with the subject of about 45 minutes each. I also include critiques during the process of the painting so the result is exactly what you desire. Once we agree on a quote I usually ask for a comfortable deposit.

The commission includes the all conversations, emails, critiques, the sketch, the painting and framing. If I have to travel there may be travel expenses that would be additional. Since I cannot quote your portrait usually a small pet portrait with frame runs about $5000 and up and takes about three months to complete. View the image of the “Yorkshire Terrier” pastel portrait painting 24″ X 27 1/2″ at the end of this page.

Subject Matter
The subject matter is the all important consideration. Whether the Original Painting is for a Corporation or something more Personal I can create a wide range of subject matter. This website is a portfolio of works however every type of subject matter is open for discussion.
Fine Art Giclee Prints
If you have fallen in love with a painting that I have created. I also create exquisite Fine Art Giclee Prints of my Original Pastel Paintings so of which I hand embellish. This is a wonderful way to own a work of Fine Art at an affordable price. I am blessed to be able to recreate my originals for you to enjoy.
In addition to Corporate portraits, Family portraits, Memorial portraits, Pet portraits, Sports, Entertainment and Political personalities, L.A. Cline has created Pastel Floral paintings, Landscape paintings and Wildlife Pastel Paintings that are a part of the Artist’s Nature Collection. Graduating Cum Laud with a Bachelors of Arts degree. In addition to the many portraits, permanent exhibitions include: Portraits at the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center in Miami, Florida International University in North Miami, Third Court of Appeals in Miami, Sidney M. Aronovitz United States Courthouse, Family Residences, Law Offices, Physicians Offices and retail stores. The Artist’s artwork has been featured in the Miami Herald Newspaper, on Channel 10 TV, ArtisSpectrum Magazine, Venu Magazine, Hortt Exhibition, Galleries, Restaurant Showings, New York City, Agora Gallery and numerous art shows around the country. A recent recipient of the Peoples Choice Award from the 7th Annual Lauderdale Yacht Club Fine Art Show and a proud member of the Pastel Society of America of New York City. Two Giclee Fine Art Reproduction Prints of Original Memorial pastel paintings of The Honorable Sidney M. Aronovitz and Lawson E. Thomas each are in the Smithsonian Institute’s “Living Artists File”, at the American Art and Portrait Gallery Library in Washington D.C. This file can be viewed by the public to learn about our American Heroes and the Artists that created their image. This file also allows visitors to see the Artist works as a recommendation for future commissions. The Artist was honored when The White House Curator accepted L.A. CLINE’s portfolio of portraits for their file representative as another style for the President and First Lady to view come time for their portraits.

The Charnack/Cline signature reflects a new 2007 marriage however both names are ©L.A. Cline

I look forward to hearing about your ideas.
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L.A. Cline