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L.A. CLINE, Artists Journey – The Cheetah Painting

For over a 40 year career, Pastel Artist L.A. CLINE loves to express the timeless beauty of nature though each Pastel Painting.

Join L.A. CLINE and have fun viewing the step by step journey creating the new Cheetah Painting.

I am creating a new pastel painting of a African Cheetah hunting in the grasslands. The magnificent body of this Cheetah is 28″ plus the tail.  The powerful tail of a Cheetah can measure two and a half feet or more! This is a large pastel painting measuring about 46″X 50″ without the frame. My quest is to bring life through my paintings to cherish the beauty in our world so we can protect and admire what we have.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorized the Cheetah species as Vulnerable, likely to be Endangered in the future unless it’s survival improves.

Painting the face of a cheetah.

Fun Facts About Cheetah’s

Cheetah’s are the worlds most fastest land animal. They can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds and use their muscular tails to act like a rudder to change directions and make quick and sudden turns. Cheetahs do not roar they purr and chirp. Their chirps are loud and each animal has its own distinct sound. They also cannot fully retract their claws, using them for traction and speed. The dark areas running down from their eyes shield the sun rays since they do their hunting during the day. Similar to our Football players wearing black under their eyes on sunny days to see better. In the early 1900’s it was estimated there were about 100,000 Cheetah’s and today it is estimated there are only 7,000.

More Posts to Follow! All of these pictures of the original Cheetah pastel painting are taking in sequence as I create the painting. Check back for new updates. Enjoy!



Painting the face and neck of a cheetah
Painting the chest of a cheetah.
Painting the body of a cheetah.
Painting the body of a cheetah.
Painted Cheetah 3/4 of the body
painting the full body of a cheetah with grass
painting the full body of a cheetah with grass

Artist L.A. Cline starting a painting of a Cheetah

Who is L.A. CLINE?

L.A. CLINE is a multifaceted artist that loves to create a wide range of subject matter using the pastel medium and more! The Artist was commissioned to create two Judicial portrait paintings for the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, one of the Honorable Lawson E. Thomas and the other of The Honorable Richard Feder. A portfolio of these  two Memorial Judicial Portrait Paintings by Artist L.A. CLINE was accepted by the Smithsonian Institute in their “Living Artists File”, at the American Art and Portrait Gallery Library in Washington DC. This file can be viewed by the patrons to learn about our American heroes and the Artists that created their images. Southern Wine and Liquor of Miami, Florida Commissioned Artist, L.A. CLINE to create a memorial portrait of their long-time employee that was placed in the Southern Wine and Liquor Lecture Room at FIU, North Miami, Florida. L.A. CLINE painted a portrait of then Chief Judge for the Third Court of Appeal, Miami, Florida that remains in their Main Court. The Sidney M. Aronovitz Courthouse now houses his pastel portrait created by L.A. CLINE, Key West, Florida.

In addition to the many family, pet, nature, sports and other pastel paintings the artist’s work has been featured in the Miami Herald Newspaper, Channel 10 TV, showing the Sports Collection, BB&T Hockey Arena, showing Panther Paintings, Artist Spectrum Magazine, Venu Magazine, Hortt Exhibition, Four Month one woman show including a Trend Event at Neiman Marcus, Fort Lauderdale, Peoples Choice Award at the 7th Annual Fine Art Show at The Lauderdale Yacht Club, Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Agora Gallery, New York City, Exhibition at Nestler Poletto International Realty at their corporate office, Boca Raton, Fl, The Heart of Delray Gallery, Delray and the Boca Raton Museum Artists Guild Gallery in Boca Raton.

L.A. CLINE is a long-time member of the Pastel Society of New York and has been working with pastel for over 40 years.

If you would like to speak to the artist regarding this painting or any other painting see on the website you can reach L.A. CLINE at 954-850-1056 or email

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