Born in New York City, L.A. CLINE earned a B.A. at Montclair State College, and supported herself by drawing portraits and creating medical illustrations for doctors. Though oils and acrylics may be traditionally more popular for artists, Cline has always been drawn to the softness, the texture and the colors of Pastel which she has worked with for the past forty years. The artist’s continuous experimentation is an expression of love for the medium, and it is out of the sense of dedication, of fidelity, that L.A. CLINE continues to explore, discover and grow with her work.


Pastel Painting by L.A. CLINE

This incredible passion I have for creating Art never goes away. Everyday this undying passion gives me the strength, to strive and continue to create Pastel Masterpieces that interpret natural beauty.

I have developed my skill with the simple desire to practice and capture the essence of the moment in fine detail. Touching the heart strings of my clients through paintings of  COMMISSIONED WORKS such as CORPORATE, FAMILY PORTRAITS and PET PORTRAITS has been very rewarding. Along the way I also have painted an array of SPORTS PAINTINGS each revealing a very exciting back story. For the last fifteen years I have been painting FLORAL and WILDLIFE PAINTINGS which I call my Nature Series of Pastel Paintings.

My Floral and Wildlife Collection is a particular source of pride. Since there is only one Original, by creating fine art reproductions I am able to hand embellish layer to each Gilcee reproduction with different painting mediums that make every one unique, giving my patrons a personalized variation of the original. I call them Giclee Paintings in the Store.

The Art we hold dear is an introduction of ourselves to people who visit our homes, and it is how we tell stories to future generations. Each paining you adore brings out the timeless beauty that is within each of us.

The Artist Creates

After researching her subjects, L.A. CLINE begins each painting with a detailed pencil sketch to scale which shows the subject and placement that becomes the guide for the Pastel Painting in work. CLINE begins applying the pastels layer by layer, giving the image shape with fifteen to twenty layers of pastel. This depth of color gives the artists work what she refers to as a “Super Realistic” quality and combined with her use of light, this muli-layered approach yields an image with dramatic realism. The paintings L.A. CLINE create becomes uniquely hers, a style with a goal of bringing “the beauty of the world up close and personal”.


Pet Portraits by L.A. CLINE