Pet Portraits

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    Blue Point Himalayan Cat – Pet Portait

    This 12” X 16” image represents a Pastel Pet Portrait Painting of Madison Blue.  The painting was mounted on Acid Free Foam Core and framed.  The finished framed painting was approx. 26″ X 30″. This was a memorial painting that I worked very closely with my client to capture the fur, fur texture and color and of course Madison's expression. If you have a beloved pet that you want to see every day as a remembrance use the contact page to tell me all about your pet and your ideas. We can also set up an appointment for the free consultation. For more information about commissioned paintings visit the details page.

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    Yorkshire Terrier – Pet Portrait


    This image represents an original Pastel Painting I created framed that measures 24 1/4″ X 28″.  Twinkle Star was her name and she was 10 3/4 inches high when she was seated and only weighing 2 1/2 lbs at 11 months. This painting was the exact size of this adorable sweet dogie.  As she grew the owner said she only gained 1/2 lb. If you have a pet that is your dream companion it would be my pleasure to discuss your ideas and create a custom portrait for you too. The consultation is free and for more information about commissioned paintings visit the details page. Be sure to also view the different galleries. Truly the cutest portrait!

    Twinkle Star was so cute the I decided to create a Fine Art Giclee framed 18″X 21″replica of  the original painting I added pastel embellishments over the entire portrait to accomplish a three dimensional look to match the painting even closer. It is framed in a Black/Brown solid wooden frame with a silver lip on the inside. If your beloved pet resembles this beautiful art piece perhaps this would be for you. We Just Love Our Pets! L.A. CLINE, (FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA). (INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FLAT RATE FOR UP TO TWO PIECES ONLY). Secure on-line purchase with your credit card. Money back guarantee.

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