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A Commissioned Pet Portrait Painting – Progress of the Pet Portrait of “Madison”.

MadisonI was commissioned to paint a portrait of this beautiful pet cat named Madison. The Pastel Painting of Madison is starting to take hold.  Still blocking in colors for his body you get a glimpse of what is about to unfold.

Since then my client found a few more pictures and we have had more conversations about her beloved pet.  The eyes were the most difficult since you could hardly see his eyes in the pictures because of the flash camera that completely whiten his eyes. There were a few baby pictures that I could see some expression.  It also seems that Madison had a lot of expressions so I had to image and measure the size of his pupils in the baby picture and fit them within the mature face I am now painting.

My client and  I spoke about the expression she wanted and it seems I gave Madison the expression she wanted to see.  She wanted his eyes to be looking at you but but also feel that he is looking beyond you.

I am very happy to tell you that my client really loved Madison’s eyes and I am so happy I took the time to really research, measure to carefully create this all important part of this painting.  The detial of the eyes truly are the soul of the painting

Now I am blocking in his lower face, main, front paw and sketching out the rest of his body.  You can see now the face has become more three dimensional and I am looking forward to layering the fur for the rest of Madison’s body for the full effect.

Well, I have to get back to work now since my client is going to make Christmas Cards using Madison’s Painting as the image on the card.

Check back in about a week!!!!!!

Looking forward any comments you might have!!!

L.A. Cline