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A Look Back at the Holiday Art Gifts Countdown


Can you believe that Christmas is less than a day away? This years’ Holiday season seems to have rapidly approached many of us almost without notice. Many of us brave the stores and shopping malls for last minute holiday gift shopping. Why do we so often wait to the last minute to buy those last couple of gifts every year? It is often hard to find gifts for everyone. What do you buy for that extra picky friend, or that relative that seems to have it all? You still want to get them something special, but nowadays everything is so conventional when it comes to gift giving. Everything around us seems to be going a thousand miles per second, and you have missed your stop. Though, with a little help and a few last minute gift ideas, you will be sure to find your way in the right direction when it comes to the challenges of gift giving now and in the New Year.

These same thoughts hold true for L.A.C. Fine Art’s Holiday Art Gifts Countdown. We decided to take a spin on the 12 Days of Christmas on the days leading up to Christmas. Each of the 12 days, we hand selected a different Giclee prints and one original Pencil Sketch to display for each of the days. Our Countdown breezed right past us. Our main intentions were to provide a few last minute gift ideas and gift ideas for the coming year. Though, we also decided to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping and spread a little holiday cheer. In the midst, we will be recapping the 12 Days of the Holiday Art Gifts Countdown which assisted in giving gift ideas, while bringing a bit of Holiday Spirit. Each of the days, as originally posted on our social media outlets, can be seen below. In case you missed the Countdown, or maybe even a day or two, now you can see the entire Art Gifts Holiday Collection in one place. With the extensive collection at L.A.C. Fine Art, the Holiday Art Gifts Countdown helped to display the vast array of categories of fine art to choose from. This also reveals there is a fine art gift for everyone. Here to jump-start our Holiday Art Gift Ideas and your special gifts throughout the New Year 2014, we reflect back on to the Countdown with our Art Gifts Catalog.

Day 1 ‘Bellissima’
Day 2 ‘Yorkie’
Blue Point Himalayan Cat
Day 3 ‘Blue Point Himalayan Cat’
Hidden Beauty – One of a Kind, Fine Art Giclée Painting
Day 4 ‘Hidden Beauty’
Keeping Close
Day 5 ‘Keeping Close’
Day 6 ‘Enchanted Bloom’
Day 7 ‘Wandering Impatiens’
Squirrels watercolor
Day 8 ‘Two Squirrels in a Tree’
Flowers in Paradise
Day 9 ‘Flowers in Paradise’
Day 10 ‘Central Park South’
Joe Flacco Fine Art
Day 11 ‘Joe Flacco’
African Zebra Art
Day 12 ‘Tender Moment’

Happy Holidays from L.A.C. Fine Art