Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

Beautiful Inspirations

"Hidden Beauty" Gilcee Embellished with Oil and Framed

Beautiful Inspirations Red Hibiscus

Beautiful inspirations of flowers captures my soul to paint. To be inspired is something that comes naturally and cannot be rushed. The inspiration is all important for a painting because it has to endure the test of time, hold my attention to become a master piece.

Flowers are beautiful inspirations representing, beauty Love, passion, celebration, peace, and memories are all a part of the way we see flowers. Flowers give meaning and beauty to our lives.

For the last fifteen years I have been creating a gallery of my floral paintings . Each of my Floral pastel paintings take me months to create because of the way I layer the pastel. I work in various light conditions during the day and evening so the light peers through the 15 to 20 layers of pastel. Working with pastel is a challenge. I am so in love with pastel and the way it looks and presents itself that I continue to express and discover exciting ways to work with the pastel colors. In this fast paced world I slow down and become one with the flowers and enjoy combining the colors of each stick of pastel against the heavy cotton acid-free paper I use.

Since there is only one original, it becomes very important that I able to show my beautiful inspirations by bring able to create archival digital re-creations of my original. I hand embellish the Re-creation with the original painting right next to me. I use pastel sometimes adding acrylic and oil to create another texture. It feels like I am creating the original all over again only now it is a unique re-creation. These Re-creations capture the original painting and are a wonderful way to have a unique piece of Floral art that is a one of a kind work of art.

"Flowers in Paradise", Embellished Giclee

“Beautiful Inspirations, “Flowers in Paradise”