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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Flowers in Paradise – One of a Kind, Fine Art Giclee Painting

Flowers in Paradise Pastel Painting, by
Master Pastel Artist,

As an Artist, I am always looking for that beautiful inspiration to create another painting. Finding what you think is beautiful for a painting comes as a thought or vision that is undeniable and must be expressed. It is something you cannot get out of your mind. These types of aesthetic inspirations are very hard to find.

There are so many different styles of art and what is beautiful to one is not to another. Not everyone sees beauty the same way that is what makes art so very interesting and personal. Beauty and art is a reflection of your personal taste.

If you are drawn to a painting and would miss seeing the painting, you have made a personal emotional connection with the painting. Your space is your most personal part of your life. You live, work and relax in your home or office and it should reflect and be filled with images that bring you happiness.

If you see a painting in a gallery or if you are working with the artist, request information or a letter from the artist that explains the point of view of why this was such an important image to paint. Once I bought I piece in California, and I asked the artist to write me some of his thoughts about the painting. When I received the letter, it brought me so much joy to read about the back story.

Every painting has a back story. For example the painting you see here, “Flowers in Paradise” was created because of something I saw in Ocala Florida. I was meeting with a client who owned a race horse ranch and on my way home I saw an Equestrian Competition and went in as one of the spectators. I saw these incredible groomed horses and riders along with the most beautiful groomed course with pristine white jumping fences. The last fence was the highest with three tiers and each of the side posts where adorned with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen in nature. So I started sketching. When I returned to my studio and started to paint, I thought of the Venetian painters in history the way they highlighted their florals with a black background. In honor of their work, I used a deep royal blue that brought this gorgeous combination of flowers to sparkle with beauty and a more contemporary flair.

I love creating Art and I want to bring out the beauty in this world. I am very thankful to the undeniable spirit world that allows me and other artists to translate beautiful thoughts into works of Art.