Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

The Everlasting Joy of a Commissioned Painting

I feel that most people think a commissioned painting is a portrait of a person. In most cases it is. However, these days there are other portraits that may also be important to you such as a portrait of your pet, entertainment portraits, sports memorabilia, landscapes, flowers and more!

My portfolio has beautiful portraits that are in Courts, Court Houses, Universities that are dignified works of art, such as this pastel Painting of the in the Lobby of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, Miami, Florida.

Commissioned Painting

Then there are more casual pastel portrait paintings like this one of “Two Brothers in their Florida Panther Jerseys”. This family was really into hockey.

Both boys were playing hockey at a very young age and continued as they grew up. I remember talking to their parents about how early they had to wake up when they had away games. This portrait expresses the love they had for one another and their love of hockey.

Commissioned Paintings

For the past fifteen or so years I have been Flowers!  Nature as you have already seen in the painting of the two boys is a beautiful way to enhance any painting. Nature as the main subject matter is glorious. It brings us close up to the beauty of our world. The Red Rose of love is a symbol world wide. All the flowers in this painting surround the Rose which is appropriately titled, “Romancing the Rose”.

I have another series of Roses, “Enchanted Bloom” that my client had to have because they reminded her so much of her Mother. Anything can become a portrait in your life.

Artist, L.A. CLINE with Pastel Painting “Romancing the Rose”

A commissioned painting is a wonderful experience both for the subjects and the artist. Knowing you receive an original one of a kind work of art that will bring you joy is a piece of heaven.
If you are considering a commissioned painting I would love to speak with you about your ideas. L.A. CLINE,