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Corporate Pastel Portraits

Corporate Portraits are incredibly important to company headquarters of all major corporations. Many businesses pay an experienced Portrait Artist to create an exact portrait of key executives who have contributed greatly to the growth and prosperity of a business and guided its progress. With the help of such a portrait, colleagues, the community, and other individuals impacted by their work can remember these special people well after they have retired and/or departed from the company.

Corporate Portrait is no ordinary honor, as it is made for only a select few people. Therefore, commissioning a corporate painting is a task to be given the highest priority. L.A. Cline has received the esteemed honor of being chosen to create manycorporate portraits of top leaders. This type of portrait requires an experienced artist who understands that the image must represent not only an individual, but the entire corporation behind them.

Generally, a Corporate Portrait starts from a sketch of the individual in person. The artist will see what poses are comfortable and natural for the subject and consider various color patterns for the Corporate Portrait. The Corporate Portrait Artist will take the designs back to her studio for finalization and thereafter final approval from the client.

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One of the many advantages of pastel painting is that no drying time is required, as with other forms of painting. This means that the Corporate Portrait can be directly critiqued by the client. The artist can make important changes right before the client’s eyes. While clients can recommend the size of the painting at the start, the Portrait Artist, L.A. Cline, may suggest other sizes once she starts sketching the Corporate Portrait maximizing the overall impact of the portrait.

An official pastel painting of a Corporate Portrait can be on display for generations in a courtroom or office building. With the realistic look shown by a seasoned Corporate Portrait Artist such as L.A. Cline, one can expect the painting to reflect the subject’s personal look surrounded by comfortable surroundings that add to the personality of the person portrayed.

Museums occasionally house a Corporate Portrait, as do homes, offices and main corporate offices of a business or firm. Clients may talk with the artist if they are interested in commissioning a Corporate Portrait. Before determining, each client will certainly have many opportunities to browse the extensive art online portfolio of Pastel Artist, L.A. Cline.Contact today!