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Creating Nature’s Beautiful Flowers

White Rose start of the new Pastel Painting

Creating Nature’s Beautiful Flowers starts with painting a white rose.

Creating nature’s beautiful flowers brings nature to our doorstep. Beauty for the sake of Beauty. Although unfinished, “Simply Beautiful” was posted on Facebook and LinkedIn. Allowing time between posting L.A. CLINE painted flowers to periodically update the painting.

Showing an audience unfinished art became a big decision. Realizing people really liked seeing paintings being created I posted starting with one white center rose in the center of the painting. At this point, I have already worked on the sketch and the rose for a month. I try to post updates weekly or every ten days, adding a new flowers. Creating more flowers required building layers of pastel to match areas already painted.

It was an adventure creating nature’s beautiful flowers.  I did not expect the overwhelming reaction to the post.  All the likes, comments, hearts, wows are so inspiring I no longer feel alone in my studio. In fact, I notice names that I recognize from earlier posts which is wonderful and seeing the new names is great!

Next step, looking for the ultimate frame. The frame will be custom build and custom stained so I have to do my homework and choose something that will ultimately surround this extraordinary painting. By ordering the frame now, I will finish the painting in time for the frame to be should be built.

I will continue to post updates on Facebook and LinkedIn until I finish this painting. Since there is only one original, my favorite thing is to create matching archival digital re-creations. Click here, view gallery on-line

Watch video Facebook where I have posted a video about this painting. Like my Facebook page and see more of these updates Contact Page
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