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Do You Believe in Leprechauns?

Lucky Leprechaun

“Lucky Leprechaun”
Pastel Painting Detail from the 31″X39″
Original Painting

It is still a wonder that I can take all my beautiful thoughts and put them into action to create a sketch and then a painting about feelings I have imagined. Even after painting 40 years it still humbles me that I can take these thoughts and make them appear. It takes a tremendous amount of passion creating something you envision along with a great deal of thought before that breakthrough process that allows you to actually put a color on the canvas.

When deciding to create an imaginary Leprechaun, I wanted the image in my painting to look so real that you would question if Leprechauns truly exist! Perhaps one would be dancing at your door and then disappear.

I have always loved the stories about Leprechauns. Some of the more recent movies portray scary leprechauns, I prefer to take the more traditional versions that portrayed leprechauns as tiny, crafty, devilish, mischievous and intelligent older men that would disappear in a flash to avoid being seen. They do not like humans or open spaces and that is why I filled the background of this pastel painting with a forest of clovers so that this “Lucky Leprechaun” could disappear back into the forest if need be. Leprechauns are very difficult to catch since the fairies give them magical powers to use if ever captured. If you catch one, he still may be able to disappear or he may offer you three wishes. But be careful of what you wish for.

Their traditional clothing is a Green Waistcoat, Green Hat and Buckle Shoes. They are shoemakers by trade. Leprechauns are also great Musicians who love to play whistles, the fiddle and the Irish Harp to sing and dance the night away. They live to have fun.

May the Leprechauns be near to you this coming Saint Patrick’s day to send their Luck and Fortune your way. Throw a kiss to the Leprechaun as your wish for Luck and Fortune!

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