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“Enchanted Bloom” Almost Finished! – A nature painting.

enchanting-bloom2Finally the canvas is completely covered with chalk.  The nature painting of the flower is alive with depth and softness. It has a dewy touchable feeling.  This piece measuresabout 28’X28” and the subtle colors gives an exciting whirling sensation with petal spiraling round and round.

For all purposes this painting looks finished however it is not.  Now I have to go back in and extenuate the lines of the petals and smooth out edges.  Then I spray the painting with a semi-fixative because it seals the many layers of chalk.  The spraying takes me about three to four days and I touch up after each spray.  Spraying is a difficult task.  It must be done many times and the mist must be light and the spray cannot be to wet or it will damage the painting.   Waiting for each layer to dry is very important.

After the painting has been touched up and sprayed the piece has about 15 to 20 layers of chalk.  I carefully have the piece scanned so I can make the best Giclee Reproduction closest to the original.

Even though you may feel the piece of this nature pastel painting looks great now after the final touch ups and spraying the art will be much more beautiful.  Just think about when you are going out and your hair is great, your dressed to  impress and you put on the finishing touches a piece of jewelry, shoes or a tie that one thing that brings it all together and POW! BEAUTIFUL!!!

The next time you see “Enchanting Bloom” it will be finished ready for viewing on My Blog and on my website.

“Enchanting Bloom” is a bud on its way to being a Full Bloom.  The next painting will be a flower in Full Bloom making these two paintings a set that will look sensational together.

Please keep checking back.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,


L.A. Cline