Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

“Enchanting Bloom” in memory of “Greenma”

L.A. Cline creates the “Enchanting Bloom” Pastel Painting

enchanting-bloom2I am painting the beauty of  life.  The moment we all want to hold on too.

This is a wonderful thought to have for the approximately three months I will be painting this piece.  The hard part is that I cannot rush a painting but must remain calm so the Pastels will flow easily with color and thought.  Remembering wonderful people and thinking of the people you love in your life now are the great inspirations that allow me to create.

From the small start of the last image posted on July 14th, you can now see the center more clearly developed and expanding to the petals.  There are some dark areas within the Rose however most of the colors are light with highlights and transparencies.

For the past two weeks I have made color studies and painted.  The petals are very fragile and delicate so the application of the chalk must also take on this feel.  I am now starting to work on the areas outside the center bud.   As I work outward I constantly go back and blend colors.   Although still in a rough state the color palette is beginning to develop.

If you click on the image to enlarge you can see that I hand-draw the Artwork and use a grid-system that is unique for every painting.  When finished this Pastel Painting will be about 28”X28”.

I look forward to see what another ten days of work will reveal.  Be sure to check out my next Blog and read the “Family Matters” Blog the story behind the painting the first post in July.

Comments always welcome!

L.A. Cline