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Face of 2012 Self Portrait Finished

cline-final_ccc1The self-portrait images in the previous Blogs showed the colorations starting to take hold however, my face was not totally in its natural proportion.  Now in the finishing stages you can see that the facial area has become more blended and more in proportion.  While before I was laying down colors and blocking out areas now you can see that all that been pulled together to produce a beautiful light colorful Pastel Portrait.

Almost finished, I still must spray and Check all the lines to make sure everything is blended perfectly.  The spraying takes about four to five days.  Spraying it itself is an Art.  To much can ruin the piece and not enough spray does not hold the chalk, so I take my time.

The whole demeanor of this Pastel Painting is soft and colorful capturing the essence of femininity with an image that defines how I look and at the same time recognizable to people know me.  It is a modern interpretation of the soul of my inner self.

As I was creating my portrait, I could not help but to think of a painting, “Girl with Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer circa 1665.  Here I work with a light background to show attention to the subject while Vermeer used a dark background to highlight is subject.  Both the Maids head and My head are turned to expose one earring that is the main decoration in both paintings.  This one jeweled detail changes the way a woman feels about herself.  For that moment her whole demeanor becomes more regal with a sence of beauty that radiates from her eyes. Vermeer’s Maid is dressed in maids cloths and her young face is solemn, in comparison to my face that has more of an alluring quality with a more suggestive drap.

Another difference between the two paintings is that Vermeer’s Oil Painting is a much smaller painting and my Pastel Portrait Paitning is a large-scale piece measuring framed 40″X 50″.  I consider my painting a tribute to the great Artist, Vermeer.  I created this modern piece with some similar qualities attributed to this Old Master.  We should always remember what has come before us.

I hope you enjoyed going through all the steps we Artist’s go through creating a work of Art.  This painting will be scanned and with the scan I will make some note cards with my image.  I will also make a Giclee print for my husband for his office.  The original will be placed over the fireplace.

This is a wonderful gift for the loved on in your life.  It is a great gift for a woman or a man to capture a certain prime in life.  I am so happy that after so many years I finally have my portrait.  It truly makes me very happy and I look forward to creating more Masterpiece Portrait Paintings.

Comments and questions are always welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.A. Cline