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Family Matters – Beginning the Nature Painting

portrait2Family Matters

Like all families there are the good times and the tough times.  This has been a tough time for us.

For any family who has lost a loved one this is for you.

Mary, better known as “Greenma” was a wonderful 94 year old woman who I met about five years ago who recently passed on.  The story goes that her young Grandchildren could not pronounce Grandma so Grandma became “Greenma”.

“Greenma” and I met at family functions and there was an immediate connection between us.  We really adored seeing each other and could not stop chatting when we did. I still can hear the sweet Southern tone of her voice.  She dressed so modern yet it suited her.  Even at 94! she looked like an elegant perfect Southern Lady.  She was slim wore little or no makeup, was beautiful with light blue eyes and striking white hair to her chin all one length parted on the side with a lovely wave.  Even young women were envious of her glamorous look.  She will always remain my idol.

She had an adoring family and an extraordinary Daughter who was the main caretaker. Her other loving Daughter also pitched in when she was in town.  She was so loved by her Grandson, Granddaughters and Great Grandchildren.

I feel so lucky to have met her and spent some of my life knowing her.  She is forever in my spirit.

It is her life that I am celebrating with the two new nature paintings I am now creating.  Both new pastel paintings are Florals dedicated to “Greenma” for she loved Flowers.  As I paint her energy and spirit are by my side.  I am not alone and know without doubt I will create two masterpieces.

I just started painting the natural Floral and in this photo you can see the center detail that expands to fill the eye with the delicate folds and transparencies that the petals have in daylight.  (Click image to enlarge)  As I progress the delicacy of these beautiful shapes will fill the canvas.

This is the first of a set of  paintings.  This Rose has not fully bloomed.  The center has not completing unfolded.  The image is positively captivating.  You are anticipating the moment when all the petals of this “Enchanted Bloom” will reveal the rapture of the full bloom.

I continue to work on this Pastel Nature Painting building layer upon layer of Pastel Chalk and will post new images of the painting.  You will see each step in the creation of “Enchanted Bloom” so check back!

L.A. Cline