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Fantasy Self Portrait in Progress – How to render a portrait painting

img_alure12I continue to make progress on my Self Portrait.  I have started to block out my face  and hair even more with my favorite colors of Lavender, Pink, Green, Yellow, and a new color, Navy Blue for my eye lashes.  This Pastel Painting is clearly taking on a fantasy enchantment of color yet the sence of realism still remains.

The outline around my neck and shoulders is a very bold Green outline, while the skin tone reflects a delicate array of light colors.  Even the stokes of color for my hair will eventually have this wonderful bold turquoise Green color weaved in.

The background of this Pastel Painting will be untouched with chalk, so I have to be very precise to make sure none of the chalk dust or stain will attach to the background.

This is a large format painting when framed it will be approximately 40″X50″.

I know many Artists before me have created portraits of themselves.   This experience is something that took a lot of coaching from my husband and family.  This was not a project I would have created on my own.   But now that I am experiencing what my clients have for many years, its a special enjoyment to feel your soul reflected as you would want the world to see.

Presently I am finishing the painting and I look forward to sharing the completed creation.  Your feedback would be most welcome!!!!

L.A. Cline