Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

Fine Art Gifts Under $500


There is always that one special room within our homes and office spaces,  where we can express ourselves with the Art we admire and collect. As we are all very busy in our lives, the best moment is to take time away each day to view our Art from that special place. This gives us the chance to reflect on the true meaning behind the piece as well as why we admire and value the Art piece the way we do, for Art brings an added sense of joy and meaning to our everyday lives.

Art is a personal choice, for this is why the art at L.A.C. Fine Art is very diverse in subject matter. L.A. Cline likes to paint different subjects in order to accommodate the preferences of every art collector as well as help to keep the artists’ skills sharp.

Each new pastel painting is like creating a movie. First the artist or filmmaker starts with the idea, then the script or layout, next the characters or subjects are defined and finally every idea begins to piece together to create the finished film or painting. This process sounds easy, however there are times when the artist can  “Get Stuck.” When this happens, it often takes a while to bring new ideas to the painting and finish the piece, though it is well worth the wait. For, it is during these periods that the artist is struck with the best forms of creativity. Suddenly, the spark of genius comes to mind, and the artist is able to piece every part of the puzzle together for the finished painting.

Giclee Prints on Fine Art Paper & Canvas are great ways to own an image and capture the essence of any original painting. At L.A.C. Fine Art, we provide incredible prints that L.A. Cline personally enhances with pastel. In effect, these prints not only look like the originals, but also become a one-of-a-kind piece. Every piece is slightly unique with the artists’ different strokes and touch-ups on each Giclee. As a result, no two Giclee prints are ever quite the same. Every art collector has their chance to obtain their very own unique fine art pastel painting by L.A. Cline.

With the Grand Opening of the Fine Art Store and the Special Prices set up for the New Year, what better time then now to start looking at gift ideas for the Holiday Season. These special prices on fine art gifts will continue until January 1, 2014.

Invite yourself or the ones you love to experience the true Beauty each Pastel Painting by L.A. Cline has to offer.

L.A. Cline would love to hear your comments and feedback. To be in touch, leave your comments below or inquire and leave your feedback on the Contact Page

We cannot wait to send out all the lovely fine art gifts for 2013 and 2014. Every Giclee Print will be personalized with the special person’s name or your own name on the Certificate of Authenticity.

Happy Holiday Season and Here is to an even Happier 2014 with L.A.C. Fine Art Giclees (view the entire art online collection here)


Brianna Cook
Director of Business Development