Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

Floral Wall Art

Floral Wall Art are one of a kind hand painted fine art with layers of pastel, “Simply Beautiful”.

Floral wall art captures the real likeness of the original painting.

Every floral painting has a story. Besides the beauty of the art people want to know the story behind the art including the artist’s thoughts and creative process.

For the painting “Simply Beautiful”, I gathered what I thought were the special flowers from a bouquet. Then gently I tossed the flowers into a wide mouth vase until they gave the subtle yet powerful natural organic arrangement I wanted to paint. The softness of the petals along with the bold colors all pulled together to expressed to me a painting of harmonious beautiful floral art. Choosing a background I felt would blend with all the flowers letting each explode with their own beauty. Preparing everything before painting is essential. It is not until the original painting is finished that I can prepare for the highly technical digital process.

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My floral paintings and floral wall art are beautiful expressions of the nature of our world.

Painting the artistic beauty of the flowers living all around connects us to our earth. The floral wall art archival digital fine art are beautiful and truthful representations from my original painting.  As an Artist I create paintings from my heart. This framed fine art has been completely hand painted with the same pastels as the original and is an original of its own because it is a one of a kind.

“Simply Beautiful will  endure the test of time because the subject matter is universal.

If you see a floral re-creation that touches your heartstrings review my website and make an appointment for a free consultation. I would be delighted to speak with you. Sincerely, L.A. CLINE

Floral Wall Art Re-creation of “Simply Beautiful” original