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For The Love Of Art

For The Love of Art

Artist, L.A. CLINE
Giclee Floral Collection

I create art because I have to it’s in my blood. There is a deep commitment that comes over me once I have an idea. The main ingredients are a huge dose of imagination plus a little pinch of magic.

After a painting is finished, I want everyone to see what I have been creating in seclusion for so long. An original can take me three or more months to paint.

Since I work in pastel, all my originals blend 20 or more layers of pastel pigment to attain the magnificent color and depth in each legacy painting.

Once the painting is completed, I bring the piece to very talented people who help me make art replicas known as Giclees. Giclee art is very beautiful and the match to the original is remarkable. These fine art prints are not mass produced like other printed art. I found a way to enhance these already gorgeous replicas with pastel that makes them look like an original pastel painting

The reason these Giclee Paintings are so appealing is because of the personal application of pastel layers I apply on each Fine Art Giclee as it becomes its own original one-of-a-kind work of art.

Creating my Floral collection took me over ten years, as I worked each piece between commissions. Now this collection of exquisite Floral beauties can be reproduced, enhanced and framed as the best gift idea for that very extraordinary person in your life.

Giclees allow me to share my art with you and give you something personal and exclusive since every Giclee is slightly different. I am an artist who loves to enhance these Giclees so that you can to enjoy the beauty of the world within my paintings for they also bring out the beauty within us when we look at them.

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It is all for the love of Art.

NOTE: You can view samples of the Floral Collection in the Fine Art Store. After each piece is enhanced it is lightly sprayed with a special fixative to protect the pastel. Framing is up to your taste unless you would like to discuss framing with me.

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