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Happy and Healthy Holidays to All!

lac_holidayemailThis beautiful greeting is actually a detail from one of my Pastel Paintings entitled, “Hidden Beauty”. The entire painting can be viewed on my site at:

While walking one day I spotted this beautiful pungent Red Hibiscus. It could have gone by unnoticed except for its vibrant color that caught my eye. Looking around at the other flowers they could not compare. This beautiful Hibiscus was hidden from the direct sun and protected by the fence where is was growing within. The flower was in full bloom in its perfect place for that moment.

“Hidden Beauty” is within all of us it’s just a matter of people stopping to look at you or for you speak and talk to new people so your beauty is noticed. Everyone has their “Hidden Beauty”.

I chose this detail to represent the joyful, cheerful spirit of the Holidays and to wish everyone a Wonderful Holiday Season.

L.A. Cline