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Inside the World of Pastel Painting – Nature Artist LA Cline

img_16461Since my last post on July 27th I have been creating yet another new color palette for the Pastel Nature Painting “Enchanted Bloom”.

The center bud uses colorations that combine cool tones with warm tones.  Most of the warm tones are present within the Rose’s budding center. This new color scheme for the outer petals will bring in cooler tones of lavenders, blues and pearlescent whites blended and layered. I started painting a long petal on the left side as you can see in this image. On the right you can see I also started to paint the petals on the right side with the darker cooler tones.

As I create the outer petals I will go back into the painting to build and blend the new areas with the areas already painted that will eventually give the flower that over all delicate powdery soft finish.  It usually takes me about 20 layers of chalk to accomplish this overall look.  The finished Original Nature Pastel Painting will be light with beautiful natural hues blending into each other.

Even though the painting seems to be slow moving there are a lot of preparations going on behind the scenes to keep progressing to the next area.  Especially since I am creating another painting one that will be the same size, same colorations with a different Rose image.  This pair will capture the birth of beauty.

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L.A. Cline