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L.A. CLINE Pays Homage to Super Bowl XLIX with a Sports Painting

Created by Artist, ©L.A. Charnack/ CLINE

Created by Artist,
©L.A. Charnack/ CLINE

It all started with a dream to paint Dolphin Quarterback, Dan Marino, back in 1996.

L.A. Cline started to paint two Pastel Paintings of Dan Marino, one a portrait and one an action scene, entitled, ‘The Game’ measuring 38”X45”. These paintings were the spark that lit the fire to continue painting Sports Athletes. By going to the games, experiencing the head to head combat between players, the strategies and passion to win all fueled the Artist’s desire to paint a new kind of Sports Historic Painting capturing these moments forever.

L.A. Cline states, “For me our athletes are like gladiators, fighting against all odds to win and stay on top.’ A quote by Vince Lombardi says it all, ‘The harder you work the harder it is to surrender’.”

Creating the Super Bowl XXXIII Painting was an incredible feat for the Artist. L.A. Cline “Seeing John Elway actually make that last winning touchdown was a thrilling moment. To capture and immortalize that moment within a 45”X52” Pastel Painting, is a work of Art to behold.”

The Artist starts with a pencil sketch to scale before each painting. One painting as large as this one with so many details took six months to finish. All the creations of L.A. CLINE are drawn and painted by hand. The Artist uses a method of building layer upon layer of Pastel pigment developing the depth and details that unveils the “Super Realistic” quality of each legacy painting. This painting is a show stopper when displayed at events. It is also a part of the Artists personal collection.

The website serves as an in-depth portfolio of the many facets of the Artist’s paintings that include: Corporate, Family, Florals, Landscapes, Pets, Wildlife, Entertainment and Sports. The original Nature Collection Paintings are reproduced as Fine Art Giclees. L.A. CLINE then embellishes each piece by hand to make it a one-of-a-kind work of Art. Each one looks like an original pastel painting that you can view in the Fine Art Store.

The most important detail of each painting is the emphasis placed on the likeness of the subject whomever or whatever the subject may be. Capturing the essence of the subject that the client adores brings each legacy masterpiece painting to a breath-taking conclusion.

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L.A. Cline is a Master Pastel Artist