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My New Commission – A Corporate Portrait Painting from Photo.

I have been posting pictorial Blogs as I created each part of my newest Pastel Painting, “Enchanting Bloom”.  This beautiful painting is now in the finishing stages with only the top portion of the flower to be painted in.

Since my last Blog I have put “Enchanting Bloom” aside to work on a new Memorial commission of a Federal Judge that will be on  permanent display in the Key West Court House which has been dedicated in his name.  This honor was bestowed upon me by his son.

Through personal dialogue with his son along with a few photographs of his Father I created an original realistic sketch to scale featuring The Judge in a three-quarter length pose from head to mid-thigh measuring about 40″X50″. This sketch took me a month to develop. I am very happy to say that the family members critiqued and approved the sketch.  I am now painting the portrait from which I rendered from a photo.

After many years of creating portraits without actually meeting the subject I knew my past experience was invaluable for this project.  It has been a joy right from the start.

There will be a press release and a new page added to my web site when the portrait painting is completed.  The painting will take about three to four months more to paint and custom frame.

After my client approves the press release I will be able to give you more details about this incredible, “Great American” I am painting.

Meanwhile, I will be updating “Enchanting Bloom” in my next Blog in about ten days.

Your comments are always welcome,


L.A. Cline