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New Portrait Painting Sketch

new-sketchrI am in the process of sketching out an outline of a painting that will complete a pair of paintings. This new sketch will be painted with the same colors and light tones as my latest Pastel Painting “Enchanted Bloom”. This new bloom will show the beautiful natural unfolding of the center bud. When I first saw these two Roses they were connected with one stem which divided into two shoots each with its own rose. These two roses where irresistible! Both were in bloom but at different stages. I took the details I wanted and decided to paint two original ideas showing the two sister blooms. This sketch is the beginning of a new Pastel Painting that will be displayed beside the already finished, “Enchanted Bloom”. Separate or together they are Magnificent!!! Stay tuned for new updates as the painting begins!

L.A. Cline