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“One-of-a-kind” Fine Art Giclee Painting, for the Holiday Season

Wandering Impatiens – One of a Kind, Fine Art Giclee Painting

Canvas Giclee enhanced with oil with wrap around design by L.A. CLINE

The technology of Giclee printing accurately duplicates all the tonalities of the Original Paintings. That is why Master Pastel Artist, L.A. CLINE uses these high quality prints and then adds a second step and embellishes each Giclee with layers of pastel to look like the original Pastel Painting. This Artist’s touch gives each Giclee its One-of-a-Kind status. Once enhanced the Giclee becomes a Giclee painting a work unto its own so each client can have their own creation.

Sometimes clients request certain colors to be emphasized which give the piece a different dimension yet still in keeping with the original. It’s great that each client can have their own special work of art with each piece looking like the Original Pastel Painting.

The Giclee’s that Artist L.A. CLINE enhances are both Stretched Canvas Giclees enhanced with layers of oil and Fine Art Heavy Cotton Water Color Paper Giclees that are mounted on Acid Free foam core enhanced with layers of pastel.

Bellissima Framed

Framed Giclee Painting, One-of-a-Kind embellished with Pastel by L.A. CLINE

The Floral collection is a great place to start when you look at the site, “Flowers in Paradise”, “Hidden Beauty”, “Bellissima” and “Wandering Impatiens” are in the Fine Art Store for your viewing. You can also personally see this beautiful collection that is now being exhibited at the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Neiman Marcus, 2nd Floor in Gift Galleries. Their are other frames available. For a personal consultation please call 954-850-1056 to set up your own appointment to meet with L.A. CLINE and see the collection up close and personal.

There is always that very special person every season you want to find a perfect loving gift for the Holiday Season. Any piece from this collection of these beautiful original Giclee Paintings would be a genuine One-of-a-Kind gift of love.