Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

Original Pastel Paintings in the L.A.Cline Fine Art Store

Almost all the Original Paintings created by L.A. Cline were commissioned works of Art that are permanently exhibited in Courtrooms, Corporate Offices, Universities, homes and businesses of many clients.

L.A. Cline started the Sports and Entertainment collection in 1996 with a Pastel Painting of Dan Marino. These paintings were created from nostalgia or from the actual events like Super Bowl XXXIII. Each Painting has its own incredible story. The Artist went out and started this separate collection which became artworks featured on ABC Channel 10 TV and showings at the South Florida’s Sun Life Football Stadium and the BB&T Hockey Stadium. These pieces were show stoppers and the Artist received many commissions when these pieces were presented to the public.

These two paintings featured here are from the Artists private collection that are now in the L.A.C. Fine Art Store.

Sammy Sosa, “Up At Bat"

Sammy Sosa, “Up At Bat”
27 1/2″ X 32 1/2″ Pastel Painting, Artist,
L.A. Cline

To create this Original Framed Pastel Painting L.A. Cline was at the game in the dugout waiting for Sammy Sosa’s turn at bat. Passes to the games were not easy to get so the Artist had to dig deep to find something extremely memorable to paint.
You can feel Sosa’s feet planted firmly in the dirt while the force of his upper body twists to swing when the time was right. His cheek is puffed out with chewing tobacco or gum as he looked intently to see the pitch. It was an exciting forever moment.

This image shows the painting framed. If you like to see a closer detail of the Sammy Sosa painting click the header above for Sports/Athletes and you can also visit the Fine Art Store.






Tony Bennett Fine Art

Tony Bennett, 29″ X 29″
Pastel Painting, Artist,
L.A. Cline

The Tony Bennett Original Pastel Painting is a very nostalgic creation showing the young singer starting out in what turned out to be a legendary career. The Artist actually met Mr. Bennett and showed him this painting and he loved it.
Although most of the coloration’s in the Bennett painting are grey if you look close his eyes are grey brown, the tie has grey blue and grey yellow diamond shapes and top of the microphone is a grey maroon. These hints of color add a slight bit of a modern touch to this nostalgic painting

Building the pastel pigment for these two paintings and all the original pastel paintings created by L.A. Cline is a delicate process that can not be rushed. To capture the realism and essence of the subject along with the depth of color using these pastel pigments require many layers. The Artist creates a pencil sketch to scale before each painting as the blueprint for the finished painting. The sketch, the painting and the framing for each painting takes about five months.

How the framing is constructed is very important to preserve the painting. Wooden frames are custom cut and have UV Plexi-Glass to encase the Pastel Paintings. Spacers are used between the frame and the glass so that the acid-free surface of the painting and the pastels does not touch the frame or glass preserving each masterpiece.

For a more up close detail of this Tony Bennett painting you can click the header above for celebrity portraits and also visit the Fine Art Store.

From a far these pastel paintings look quite real however when up close you can really see the different strokes and textures. What makes these original pastel paintings so extraordinary is that they are one-of-a-kind art pieces of Americana Memorabilia by L.A. Cline that cannot be reproduced.