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Part II – A Breath of Life into Pastel Painting

IMG_3678The”Happy Leprechaun” Pastel Painting is now starting to come alive!!!!!

It is a daunting task for any Artist to start a painting whether it is a painting of realism art or an abstract painting because the Artist starts with a blank canvas and creates the idea that originated in their mind. The additional pressure to show the painting you are creating to the world as you are working to create a master pastel painting is something most artists keep to themselves. However, I feel is very important for the viewers to see how this blank canvas disappears as this pastel painting progresses.

Planning a painting and making the first mark on that white surface is over whelming moment each time I start a new painting. You have to keep painting until you see that glimmer of something that was in your mind and then you continue carefully to create the environment of the painting you want the viewer to see. Emailing, blogging and posting art online, the Leprechaun painting updates, is a look into the creative process flowing from my mind to the painting. The image that you are viewing now is of my rough unfinished work. This process of updating my blogs, posts and emails shows the deep commitment especially in front of an audience that we as artists have to keep creating until we have that ultimate work of art.

Figurative art is very exciting to me. I enjoy painting the figure and face of any individual and I am having a great time creating this “Happy Leprechaun”. After creating the pencil art to scale of what I would like to accomplish as the work ofart I then started painting the Leprechaun’s face and the details of his the hands. Hands take a long time to create. They must look like they are actually holding the pipe and the cane. Currently, I am working on the hand that will be holding the cane.

For this delightful pastel painting, I did some research into the legends, costumes and facial characteristics of Leprechauns. Leprechauns, in older folklore, wore 18th century style clothing with ¾ pants to the knees, a vest and jacket. They were generally older men with skinny legs whose occupation was being a shoemaker to the fairies since the fairies loved to sing and dance.

Stay tuned for the next update of this Happy Leprechaun!!!!

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Written by : Master Pastel Artist L.A. Cline