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Perfect Everlasting Flowers!


Flowers In Paradise Embellished Re-creation

Perfect Everlasting Flowers, “Flowers in Paradise”

Perfect everlasting flowers  are dream paintings. Taking the beauty of nature and creating paintings that represent that incredible feeling of nature’s love is wonderful.

 “Flowers in Paradise” in the gold frame  may be your idea of love with Roses for your perfect everlasting flowers. Perhaps for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion. “Flowers of Paradise is reminiscent of the Venetian painters from centuries ago when darker colors where used to highlight the beautiful flowers. Here the gold leaf framing accentuates the whole composition.

The Red Rose is of course the flower of love. “Romancing the Rose” is an exquisite example of a re-creation that your special someone will never forget. This happy festive re-creation is certainly a focal piece for any entrance hallway or over a fireplace. This re-creation is embellished with three mediums, oil pastel and acrylic to enhance the lush rose and the perfect everlasting flowers surrounding the red rose of love.

 “Hidden Beauty” with its ultra red Hybiscus and lush background would be your perfect everlasting flowers. This piece is a canvas re-creation that is embellished. In fact all three art pieces mentioned here are all embellished with either oil paint, pastel or acrylic or all three. I slowly with small brushed touch certain areas to give a more three dimension feel to each recreation.  Embellishing a re-creation that is closest art to the original painting.

Contact me with any questions you may have and celebrate you special days with the perfect everlasting flower bouquet! I look forward to hearing from you! L.A. CLINE