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Pet Portrait – It’s a Zebra! Masterpiece Pastel Painting has begun

Pet Portrait Artist Sketch of Two Grevy Zebras by ©L.A. Cline

After finishing a Memorial Pastel pet portrait Portrait Painting of my clients’ beloved Blue Point Himalayan cat entitled, “Mr. Madison Blue”, I decided to continue with animal portrait theme as my first Masterpiece painting for the New Year 2013.

I created the new pencil sketch above of two Grevy Zebras shows a beautiful connection between Mother and her offspring. The Mother decided to lie down to rest on a hot summer’s day and her little offspring is approaching either for a loving nudge or perhaps reminding Mom it’s time to eat.  This is a natural endearing exchange; a beautiful moment to capture in a fine art rendering.

Drawing the different striped patterns of each zebra was very complicated, especially because of one zebra being in front of the other.  Every zebra has their own pattern and it is their signature of recognition.   The Grevy Zebras are an endangered species – the largest of the African Zebra’s being nearly seven feet tall, with the Males weighing almost 1,000 pounds.  The foals are browner in color and turn black as they become a year old.  As I studied these beautiful creatures for my artist rendering I noticed that the Grevy Zebras have unique characteristics such as: large heads; long necks; big rounded ears; and smaller, more delicate striped patterns, with more distinction between the black stripes.  Their stripes end to expose their bellies – where there are no markings.  Lastly, there is a stripe that runs from their head mane all the way to down their tails. They now are considered to live in the northern areas of Kenya and in a few southern regions of Ethiopia.

One interesting fact I found is that the Grevy Zebra was named in honor of Jules Grevy, who received this species as a gift.  He was the President of the Third Republic regime of France in 1882. As you may not know… the more research the artist does, the better one can achieve the creative readiness, mood and motivation, not to mention the insight needed to successfully capture and paint every aspect of what will be called a “Masterpiece”.

Now that I have done most of my research and finished this pencil sketch to-scale, I have the information I need to start the painting.

It’s always exciting starting a new painting. I have yet to name the painting, so if you have some ideas I would love to hear them.

Check back as the painting progresses and to  all a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Pastel Artist: L.A. Cline