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Romancing Red Rose Love


Romancing Red Rose Love shows how important is it to protect love.  “Romancing the Rose” pastel painting is a beautiful rendition of romancing red rose of love. The all important rose is protected. This painting encompasses the important of what this one flower tells us of love.

After five months of planning, sketching, creating and painting I can finally show you my Big Reveal! “Romancing the Rose” a 32” X 34” Pastel Painting that expresses the beauty of our world close up with feelings of romancing red rose love. When you look closely at the painting you the rose is guarded keeping it safe and secure. It still amazes me that from all the chaos of the pastels on my easel shelf and all over my studio I still can create a wonderful painting filled with inspiration that entices you to stop and notice how we love romancing red rose love.

When I  began this painting I started painting the rose. I used many layers of pastel on the original to build the sumptuous colors. For the re-creation I used three mediums to capture the same feeling of the original. I also embellished the re-creation with the original next to me while applying the layers of embellishment.

Romancing red rose love is something we all should consider thinking about. Roses means so very much to us and bringing them home or owning a painting that is everlasting will bring bring great joy  to your life. Nature close up and personal both inside and outside your residence is pure happiness. Take what this world offers and smell the roses.  Love is all we need.

I painted this very complicated yet wonderful painting and I am delighted to have the opportunity to present this art to you. This was an Anniversary gift from my husband now I have my Romancing Red Rose Love.

To view the “Romancing the Rose” re-creation click here

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