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Self-Portrait Fine Art Note Card

portrait1When I create commissions for my clients their Pastel Paintings are hung in Homes, Offices, Courthouses, Universities.  I find that even though they have the original painting I also give an 8″X10″ Fine Art Giclee Reproduction print so they can enjoy the painting close up.  Since I finished my Self-Portrait which is a large scale portrait approximately 40″X50″.  I also made a Reproduction print for my husbands office and now I decided to get a little more personal and I made some Fine Art Note Cards with the image of the original painting of myself.  It is just another way to personalize your stationary for special communications to my love ones and friends.  The cards are Giclee’s which are the finest technique of reproducing an art image.  The paper for these cards are an 80lb. acid free paper and the edges both on the card and the enveloped are deckled or have a raw edging.