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Shopping and Football are the Greatest Part of the Holiday Season

Dan Marino Pastel Painting

Pastel Painting of Dolphin Quarterback Dan Marino

Shopping and Football are the Greatest part of the Holiday Season!

Almost everyone loves to shop and buy something new for Holidays and Special Occasions.

Having something new to wear or a decorative piece of fine art for your home, is a wonderful feeling of delight and happiness. Let’s face it, it never gets old to receive a present or go shopping for something you really want. It’s exciting and fun to give and receive.

Now combine that with the Holiday Season, the lights, decorations, parties and Football. Football is the link that brings all the rushing, tackling and running to get all the things done before the Christmas TD. With Football comes the spirit of your home town, past memories and watching the games with new friends. Football is the glue that keeps the excitement and entertainment of the Holidays alive.

Going to a game is a thrill. It was very difficult as an Artist to find the opportunities to get on the field so I could create a Collection of Sports Memorabilia Paintings. Our athletes are the gladiators of our world playing in different coliseums. The noise of 60,000+ fans cheering for their team to conquer and win is overwhelming, exhilarating and addictive for the creative process.

An original pastel painting takes me a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 7-8 months for one painting. Time brings perfection. I carefully apply at least 20 layers of pastel to each legacy painting to develop the depth, true colors and light within the subject portrayed.

Since there is only one original painting, I have discovered that the Giclee process gives me the most impeccably true quality fine art reproductions from the original. This process is an elevation in printmaking, preservation and technology superior to traditional printing. Giclee’s are found in the finest museums and art galleries throughout the world. These prints are not manufactured in quantity each one is produced upon request and I supervise the printing. Every print is fresh and then hand-embellished by me. Each one becomes a one-of-a-kind work of Fine Art that looks just like an original painting for a fraction of the price.

In addition to the action-packed Sports Paintings I also create paintings that express the most desirable beauty of our world such as Florals, Wildlife, and Portraits of both People and Pets. I have reproduced these original paintings into exquisite Enhanced Giclee Paintings available on-line in my Fine Art Store where the prices vary from Giclee Stationary at $19.95 to Giclee Art from $650 to $1,700 plus an original framed Pastel Painting of Dan Marino at $38,000.

Hand work is very rare these days that is why each Giclee Painting is considered an original because of the hand work and slight differences between each one. I love creating these Giclee Paintings. They make incredible unique and loving gifts for that special someone or just for you.

So when you are thinking of the perfect gift, consider a Fine Art Giclee Painting that touches your heart.

Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy and Exciting Holiday Season!

L.A.CLINE, Master Pastel Artist