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Signed and Finished “Enchanted Bloom” Nature Painting

enchanting-bloom2“Enchanted Bloom” is Signed and Finished!!!

I have completed the last step before the actual scanning of the Original Pastel Nature Painting.  All the chalk has an even appearance which means that all the many layers are blended over the whole painting.  This is critical step because it will scan and reproduce as a very fine duplication of the original.  You can find my signature on the left hand side at the end of a petal.

For the next four to five days I will be spraying the piece in preparation for the scanning and framing.  I have already selected a very unique frame that will compliment the piece.  It is a solid wooden frame approximatley 5 1/2″ wide with a continuous flow and no corner seams in an off-white textured finish.  It is a custom frame and will take about four weeks to be made.

Meanwhile once the scan is complete the image will look even better and closer to the original.  I have been taking shots with my camera so you can see my progression as I painted this creation.  My camera is a great however a more true image will be captured using the powerful and sensitive scanning machine.

This beautiful painting is essentially finished.  I now hand my original to very competent technicians I have worked with many years for the scanning and framing.  I do supervise the piece through these finishing steps.

Join me after the Holidays for the creation of a new painting.

Sincere Wishes to you all for a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!!!!

L.A. Cline