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Spring is in the Air at L.A. CLINE Fine Art

Bellissima Art

Enhanced Fine Art Giclee Painting by L.A. CLINE

When Spring is about to change our world, I think of the day I saw the most beautiful bright sun-kissed Yellow Cattleya Orchid. This incredible flower stood 10½” high and was truly magnificent. It was so bright I could see the Yellow color from about 100 feet away. This was a magical moment for me and something I had to paint.

I was very surprised to see this Orchid that was in full bloom planted in an old pot under a tree with other empty pots. I started painting as close as I could to the orchid as not to disturb or move it. If you look at the painting, the dark green background symbolizes the dark area where this beautiful orchid was placed. There also an indication in the painting that there was a white plastic holder leaning against the bloom. The pink/orange part of the orchid allowed the orchid to bellow out with an even more vivid light yellow that at times had a translucent shimmer which made it even look brighter. The painting reflects the very same vivid yellow with the undeniable fantastic and beautiful shimmer that changes colors during the different lights of day.

Floral paintings are a breath of fresh air. Mother Nature gives us the beauty of our world and if we surround our environment with flowers and their painted images the energy of this beauty makes anywhere a wonderful place to be.

I have developed a process to make Giclee prints closely replicate the actual original painting by supervising the process and using the proper heavy acid-free cotton paper that the acid-free inks will adhere to giving the best representation of the painting. Since there is only one original I have come up with an idea to actually take the pastel I work with and enhance the paper Giclee by hand. Giclee prints are made to order and then each one is embellished by me, by hand to enhance each print to its finest quality. By taking the time to enhance each one individually each Giclee painting becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art since no two can be exactly the same.

“Bellissima” Giclee Embellished Painting

“Bellissima” Giclee Embellished Painting Framed in heavy wooden Gold Leaf Frame,
Artist L.A. CLINE

Framing is such a personal thing and that is why I send the prints embellished, mounted but unframed. This Giclee Painting “Bellissima” was a part of the Floral Collection that was exhibited in Neiman Marcus, Fort Lauderdale at their “Trend Event”. I framed “Bellissima” with a modern solid wood gold leaf frame with museum glass measuring
18 1/2″X 22 1/2″ however, this Cattleya Orchid Giclee painting would also look great within a traditional frame.

When you receive your print a certificate and framing instructions for your framer will be included. Create your own style or if you like the frame seen here please contact me and I will make you one of your own. Check out the matching Stationery!

For more information email me at, or call 954-850-1056.

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