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Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens Quarterback, Joe Flacco

LA-Cline_Flacco_WEBsite1This is a free-hand Pencil Sketch of Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco.  This pencil art sketch design was developed from watching Super Bowl XLVII, seeing Joe Flacco interviews on TV and looking at the random photos on line.

I have been a sports fan for many years now and have an extensive collection of paintings on my website in the Sports and Athletes Gallery.

When I am commissioned to create a pastel portrait painting my pencil art sketches are drawn to the same scale as the finished painting.  These pencil art drawings are the blue print of what my clients should expect as far as what the subject looks like and the size.  It is a great way to start a portrait painting since it really relaxes my clients when they can see their painting as a portrait drawing and make corrections if necessary. I recently wrote an article in my blog about, “ Tips on How to Hire a Portrait Artist”.  It is a great read!

The original Flacco Pencil Art Sketch is 16”X20” and a “Work of Art”. This image was not a commission but is a part of my ever growing Sports Collection.  It is a dynamic image of Joe Flacco filled with determination and that winning stare.  It is the essence of a strong, young, Super Bowl Quarterback.

I scanned the original pencil drawing of Flacco to create this email.  This “Work of Art” bares the copyright symbol ©L.A. Cline, which means that no one can copy, sell, or distribute this image.  You can enjoy the art or inquire about the original.

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Written by:  L.A. Cline