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The Holidays are also a Time of Giving!

Daoud’s Fine Jewelry Charity Event

Daoud’s Fine Jewelry Charity Event

One of the beautiful patients drawing for the prizes

One of the beautiful patients drawing for the prizes

It all happened at Daoud’s Fine Jewelry in Fort Lauderdale, the evening of December 9th when Patrick Daoud opened his store and his heart in celebration of giving back to the community through a very lovely charity that gives teens who are in and out of the hospitals battling life threatening illnesses such as cancer “A Prom to Remember”. Founder, Brandon Opre came up with the idea to give these young people the ULTIMATE Prom. Donate, Volunteer, Support, Get involved and help these young people to have fun and take a brake from

Raffle tickets were sold and put in various bags to be drawn and prizes awarded. Artist, L.A. CLINE, a dear friend of Patrick Daoud was a proud participant donating an 8″X10″ framed canvas Giclee Reproduction of an original painting created by the Artist entitled, “Keeping Close”.

This beautiful replica of an original pastel painting of two horses a Dam with her Foal of just three and a half weeks wobbling to stand close to his Mother. The most compelling detail that draws you into this painting besides the protective love between Mother and baby is the fact that the Artist was in the pen with the horses. The viewer is looking directly at the horses in the pen with no fence in front of them. It took 30 to 40 minutes for the horses to calm down and feel comfortable. The owner of the farm and L.A. Cline loved the feeling being around these huge animals. The farm owner and the Artist practiced going into the pens in golf carts until the owner felt that L.A. Cline could walk in the pens and feel totally comfortable with the horses. The Artist took this opportunity to capture the essence of these two wonderful animals close up for this painting.To see more works of Artist, L.A. Cline, visit the on-line Fine Art Store.
Until December 9th, 2015, with each Giclee gift purchase from the Fine Art Store the Artist will donate 10% of each sale to this charity when you mention this article. Support your local communities by shopping at businesses in your area.

Patrick Daoud owner of Daoud’s Fine Jewelry

Patrick Daoud owner of Daoud’s Fine Jewelry introducing the winner of Artist, L.A. CLINE’s donation.

Full House at Daoud’s Fine Jewelry Charity

Full House at Daoud’s Fine Jewelry Charity event with Artist L.A. CLINE and Jay CLINE posing for a photographer.

L.A. CLINE has been a Master Pastel Artist for close to 40 years commissioned to create Custom Fine Art Pastel Paintings that include; Corporate, Government, Family, Pet and Memorial Portrait Paintings. The Artist has also created a collection of Nature Paintings that include; Florals, Landscapes and Wildlife paintings that are available as Fine Art Enhanced Giclee Reproductions of the originals in the on-line Fine Art Store.The L.A. CLINE Sports Collection has been featured on ABC’s Channel 10, South Florida Sun Life Football Stadium, and the BB&T Hockey Arena in Florida.The Artist is also a long standing member of the Pastel Society of America, New York.

L.A. CLINE’S Corporate Portraits are in Courthouses on permanent display. Two Giclee Reproductions of Corporate Memorial Courthouse Paintings of Federal Judge Aronovitz and Judge Lawson E. Thomas are at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, at the American Art and Portrait Gallery Library, “Living Artists File”. This file can be viewed by the public to see and learn about our American Heroes through the works that “Living Artists” have created in their images. This file also serves as an important recommendation for future commissions for the Artists in this file.In April of 2013, the curator of the White House accepted the portfolio of L.A. CLINE and keeps the portfolios of potential portrait Artists on file.

In January of 2014 the Lauderdale Yacht Club had their 7th Annual Fine Art Show where the art of L.A. CLINE won the People’s Choice Award.L.A. CLINE had a one man showing of eight Framed Floral Giclee Works of Art, at the Neiman Marcus, Fort Lauderdale Gift Galleries Department.This biography are some of the career highlights of Artist L.A. CLINE.

"Keeping Close" Canvas Giclee of Original Painting by L.A. CLINE Donated at the Daouds Charity Event

Happy Holidays!
L.A. CLINE, Master Pastel Artist, Fort Lauderdale