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make it a timeless memory.

The New Face for 2012 – How to render a Portrait Painting

img_2729I have been painting portraits for about thirty years now that include The Most Honorable Judges and Corporate Portraits, Children, Pets, Sports and Entertainment personalities each having a very special story behind the finished Pastel Painting. Some of the stories are quite dramatic. I will now and again and present excerpts on You Tube and this Blog about the stories behind the paintings I create.

This new sketch is very reminiscent of me and the way I appear to the outside world. It felt was odd drawing myself but when I stepped back I really felt the drawing captured my inner energy that comes through the way I look to the world. Now I know why my clients are so excited to see the preliminary sketch for this sketch is the foundation of the finished Pastel Painting.

It is always be a humbling experience when I start a painting. That blank white surface just calls to you and you must respond. I must admit even to this day it’s a little scary starting but once I start everything begins to flow.

This sketch is proportioned for a large format portrait approximately 32″X38″. I wanted to start 2012 with a concept in large portraiture that would be a provocative piece that both men and women would want to commission of themselves.

This is just the beginning much more to follow as the sketch transforms to become the finished Pastel Painting. Please write your comments and email your information for special offers during the year!

Happy and Healthy 2012,

L.A. Cline