Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

Unique Cherished Art

Unique cherished art is a gift of love for every occasion especially over the holidays. 

Creating a commission custom portrait by hand becomes a unique cherished art piece. The Mother of these “Two Sisters” wanted a very casual painting of her two beautiful daughters for her husbands surprise birthday party. Even though the younger dark sister was taller I made sure her older sibling posed higher so they both looked equally important. Sisters resting on a large orange rubber beach ball, cuddling casually together naturally expressing sincere family love.

"Two Sisters",Unique Cherished Art Custom portrait Painting

Unique Cherished Art “Two Sisters”, Commissioned Pastel Portrait Painting

Evolving over fifteen years I have created this collection of flower paintings, powerful organic natural expressions of our world. I create one original and for years I have worked on amazing matching fine art digital images. For more go to the art store on my home page.

"Romancing the Rose", set in Plexi-Glass a modern version with a soft black and gold wooden frame.

Unique Cherished Art, Only One, “Romancing the Rose”, set in Plexi-Glass, black and gold frame.

Here is a “One of a Kind” creation with the set in plexi-glass. plexi-glass. Contemporary art is very in vogue with the furnishings we have today. The art is so colorful that is becomes a focal piece for any room. The owner will surely cherish this unique work of art.

Contact me and experience being involved creating unique cherished art for your own from L.A. CLINE Fine Art.