Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

Unique Fine Art Collection

Unique and Limited Framed Prints of Flowers

Artist, L.A. Cline standing with painting. “Romancing the Rose”

My art explodes with beautiful forever blooming flowers that capture their beauty. Since there is only one original I combine the advanced fine art digital technology with traditional painting methods to create a new fine art collections.

Flowers symbolize many of our feelings such as love, passion and past memories.

Nature gives us so many colors, lush flowers and trees that cover this earth and provides most of the worlds molecular oxygen. It is incredible that something as beautiful as a flower helps our world be a better place.

The medium I work with to paint each original is pastel. Every stick of pastel has its own consistency and brightness. Some sticks are hard therefore using them is critical since blending is more difficult, while other sticks are soft and offer easy blending. Knowing the different combinations of each pastel allows me to create the softness and tenderness of the flower with overall realism. One painting can take me months for I use a layering technique to build twenty or more layers to capture the true textures and colors of the flowers and leaves.  Since there is only one original I re-create my originals as unique and limited framed prints of flowers.

Unique and Limited Framed Prints of Flower

The Original Framed Painting on the wall with the Fine Art Canvas Framed on the easel.

To extend my original painting collection I have developed a new technique. I take my original and put it through an extensive scanning process where the result becomes beautiful digital art. I then choose the materials such as acid-free heavy cotton paper or canvas. I paint layers of pastel, acrylic and/or oil paint adding original touches and a more three-dimensional look.  The canvas and paper are a heavy acid-free stock absorb the colors deeply into the surface. Each one is unique and I only produce small unique limited framed editions . This new collection is exceptional because they are another original with new nuances and every detail in taken into account to preserve the art by using acid-free materials. These beautiful art pieces are very special because I create each to order, custom framed with exceptional wooden frames.

It is exciting owning a one of a kind piece from the unique collection. Each one of the framed prints of flower can be viewed on-line.  Browse my collection and fall in love with my flowers!
beautiful art pieces