Capture more than just a moment,
make it a timeless memory.

What is it like to Commission a Masterpiece Work of Art? The beginning of a Pet Portrait.

It is a thrilling experience both for my Clients and for me as a Portrait Artist.

As you can see looking through my portfolio I have created many different types of Masterpiece Works of Art that I have ben commissioned to do. I just finished a Self Portrait that I am so proud of and enjoy seeing every day. Some commissions are Corporate others are Family, Pet and yet others can be a particular Landscape. There are many different things that are dear to each person and that is why I create paintings. I want to enrich the lives of the people I touch.

Right now I am creating a Memorial of an exquisite Blue Point Himalayan Cat. “Madison” as he was called was a most beloved family pet that my client and dear friend misses endlessly. Since I never met “Madison” I asked for any and all pictures. We talked about “Madison” his temperament, attitude, his habits essentially his personality.


This detail of the painting is the beginning of blocking in colors for Madison’s face.  As the blocking of colors expands to include Madison’s whole body the layers of pastel will eventually become a beautiful realistic portrait.

Talking is a very big part of a commission. Watching my client express her inner most feelings really helps me to feel the closeness she feels to her beloved pet. Pictures help but talking really takes me to a level where I feel I will be able to capture my client’s feelings about her beloved pet. Then the research begins. I actually research the breed. Find out its particular characteristics that take me closer to this most treasured pet.

In addition I usually ask for favorite toys, fur, anything that would help me to create this very personal painting. I was very lucky that my client actually had some fur for me for color and texture.

I have created a pencil sketch to scale of “Madison” and with the approval of my client I am about to start the painting.

I find taking the extra time to actually draw a sketch or blueprint of the painting eases my client’s mind of what to expect. This sketch is very detailed and I am always open to critiques. I know that whomever or whatever I am creating my client knows the subject the best. The little touches that my clients bring to the piece are breathtaking. They are very small touches that bring the piece alive and completely personal.

Even as the painting goes through different stages to completion I like to keep in touch with my clients with visuals either meeting in my studio or my email. So by the end of the piece my client is completely familiar with their commission and cannot wait to have the original Pastel Painting framed and delivered.

The wonderful piece I have the opportunity to create now will take about 8 to 10 weeks to complete. After I finish painting the piece there is much more to do. I spray and retouch the piece for about a week. Then I have the piece scanned and the image printed so it matches the actual painting. This is done by very talented people I have worked with for many years. Once I approve the scan then the piece is ready for framing. Custom framing is another area I supervise once the frame has been chosen. The whole environment of the paintings is an Acid-Free for supreme preservation.

So if you are thinking of commissioning a Masterpiece Work Of Ark I would appreciate it if you would contact me.