Capture more than just a moment,
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Why Do People Become Artists?

L.A. Cline, Sketch for “Enchanting Bloom” Pastel Painting

L.A. Cline, Sketch for
“Enchanting Bloom”
Pastel Painting

Why do people become Artists? Out of all of the career choices out there, why do some people feel they must create art as a profession? Certainly, there are safer, more financially predictable ways to make a living. What exactly is it that drives a person to make this “unpractical” life choice?

The passionate need to express one’s self, experiences, opinions and visions can manifest itself in many ways. While we are born with this need and taught by parents, teachers and others as children, it is the few of us who fight to keep and develop the skills as an artist. It seems as though as soon as we begin our lives as artists, those of us who choose to keep, harbor, nourish and hone the inner artist are often thought of as flighty dreamers. Yet the reality is, few people live with the kind of passion, dedication, integrity, and commitment that gives persistence and will to believe you are truly born an Artist.

The artist feels a marrow-deep need to document the legacy of being alive in this era, in this place, in this moment. The artist needs you to see the things that you are overlooking in your daily routine of “living.” The artist grabs you by the shoulders, stops you in your tracks, or alternatively shakes you out of your hypnosis to remind you that once the imagination is revealed it creates the wonderful world of Art.

Art dares you to feel the emotions you’ve been suppressing in favor of the passion and persistence that it takes to see through completing a creation. The artist is the brave soul who takes this challenge, to deliver to you this wake-up call with vulnerable abandon. The Artist is patient soul who is willing to spend months or even years to create a document of a single moment in time that says, “This is what it was like to be alive.” This may be a subtle expression of beauty that takes your breath away, or a loud and desperate cry for understanding that knocks the wind out of you.

There is a huge risk factor that drives the Artist to commit to this life. It is a vision in our dreams that radiates from your heart that even though it is a huge gamble you believe it must be created. So we as Artists gamble even in the midst of all the other art in the world that my art will be noticed because I believe in the impossible and believe I have to create.

L.A. Cline
Master Pastel Artist