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Why Does a Masterpiece Painting Take So Long to Create?

Lucky Leprechaun

Finishing touches have just been added to this Pastel Painting,”Lucky Leprechaun” 31″X39″

I am L.A. Cline a Master Pastel Artist and I have just put the final touches to the new Pastel Painting the “Lucky Leprechaun”. It is an exciting part of the process of finishing a painting when you feel the composition is laid out, the placement of the of the subject this mischievous Leprechaun, all the colors, the background detail and the foreground perspective is where I imagined everything would be.

This journey was a long one for a while there; I was not sure what the background should be or how I would develop the pathway. For lack of a better word, I was “Stuck”. Getting “Stuck” on a painting, is not what an Artist wants to go through. Even though you may have the best plans laid out, somehow things change and what you imagine does not always fulfill your thoughts for the background, face or whatever you are working on at the time. Nobody talks about getting stuck on paintings. What does an Artist do?

The first thing I do, is to get away from the painting and do something else. Although you will have the painting on your mind, it is best to start working on other things, restock supplies or finish things that were set aside. In other words, try to clear your head.

Eventually, you will have to go back and try to figure out how to finish the masterpiece you have on your easel. I use the internet and research the project I am creating. I read books and look at pictures to reach out and find that certain something to finish the painting. Go back to the painting and try the ideas on something other than the original painting. Take a break and do not rush to finish the piece. This type of mental block happens in every type of occupation and you have to work through it calmly. It’s always great if you have someone to confide in and perhaps that will bring you to that final result.

For commission paintings, I make sure I have enough time built in for the final adjustments. I am lucky because on commissioned pieces it is rare that I get stuck. However, if I am at a standstill I usually call for a critique with the clients and that helps me get back on track. The desire to live up to your clients expectations is what an Artist lives for. During these trying moments it is great to have a critique where the clients can give you ideas of what they want in their painting. This has always helped me since I am working on their painting and I want to know exactly what they want. That is why my door is always open to my clients. When your client adores your painting, then you have done your job well.

Most of my moments of indecision are on pieces I am painting for my different collections; Florals, Wildlife, Landscapes, Entertainment and Sports. What you imagine you want to paint and when you actually paint that vision does not always make for a smooth transition.

After researching Leprechauns I found my answers to finish this paitning. Leprechauns try to avoid humans and fairies as much as possible. They guard their pot of gold which is the currency the fairies pay for the Leprechauns to make their shoes. Leprechauns live far away from cities and towns. They are shifty and can change from their normal height to a minuscule size to keep their identity. Their clothing are said to take on the style of the 1800’s. That is why I blended the background with the same greens of the Leprechauns clothing and used the Green Clovers since they are what we think of as the Leprechaun symbol of “Good Luck”. The Leprechaun is not totally clear because he blends in with the surroundings to protect is identity. This Pastel Panting is a special glimpse of a “Lucky Leprechaun” that is ready to delight you and disappear as you walk away.

Whenever I have this dilemma, I always remember all great Artists have gone through this and many masterpieces have been created because of this special time of reflection.

Most clients do not think about this time or what an Artist goes through to finish a work of art. This is something the Artist should talk about when describing why their masterpiece painting took so long to create.

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Written by L.A. Cline, Master Pastel Artist